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Company Profile

MR LED' products widely used in outdoor advertising, cultural and recreational activity, stadium, stage background rental, With its full color LED displays advantages

Company Profile Milestone Factory Tour 俺来也俺来嫖俺来了中国第4架C919大飞机首飞 今年还将再试飞两架(图)


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Shenzhen Mary Photoelectricity Co.,Ltd                        

Shenzhen Mary Photoelectricity Co.,Ltd (MRLED) is a subsidiary of state owned listed company-- Fujian FURI Electronics Co.,Ltd,was established in April,2006 with registered capital 100 Million RMB(around 16 million USD). MRLED is a national-level high-new technology enterprise which specializes in designing,researching, manufacturing and selling all kinds of LED displays.


In the past 13 years, MRLED service team almost traveled all over the world, adhered to the core values of “Professional, Team ,Integrity, Efficiency, Communication” , provided  professional, caring and attentive after-sales service for global customers. Till now, by virtue of high reliability and cost performance of products, MRLED has sold them to more than 400 cities in 34 provinces and autonomous regions in China for thousands of customers and also built nice long-term business relationship with more than 90 countries  from overseas like USA, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Thailand, Korea, Poland, Italy etc.

By the reliable quality, excellent service and good faith striving for realism style, MRLED has won users’ high praises from different walks of life and the major events & Competition venues ,domestically  and  abroad, like the Guangzhou Asian games, the Shanghai world expo, many big TV stations, many railway stations, the world beach volleyball tour , the Sydney autodrome and so on etc. All of them have MRLED’s nice figure.

MRLED values- quality is the lifeline

From the raw material test to manufacturing, assembly and aging test, MRLED carries out every step one by one strictly according international quality control system  ISO9001:2008 to guarantee the quality. MRLED ‘s products are approved by CCC, FCC,CE, RoHs, ETL, and IP67.some of MRLED’s product also has UL certification.We manage to ensure all MRLED’s product are safe ,stable and reliable..

Professional, Team, Integrity, Efficiency, Communication

Prices of MRLED’s products are very competitive based on mass production sales due to its unique OEM service, thus MRLED has the honor to work for thousands of customers in over 400 cities of 34 provinces and autonomous regions in China, and we also have built long-term business relationship with the customers in USA, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Thailand, Korea, Poland, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Turkey, Vietnam, Israel, India, Pakistan, Kuwait, Iran, Romania and so on..

Customer Service - quick and professional service

MRLED guarantees all its products for 24 months and provides lifelong maintenance with free labor  and service only charging raw materials with reasonable price. MRLED provides an excellent after-sale service, which contains free technical training, free CAD drawings for steel structure producing and cables tracing, free installation DVD for more convenience and free lifelong consultation, and will inspect periodically  products that have been sold to customers. One call or one E-mail from you, MRLED people will be get in touch and provide you quick and professional service.

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